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hi friend I am NILESH and I am 18 year old and I am a blogger by passion.

sandeep maheshawari sir
this is my god, friend, parents, brothers all the thing of my life. this man a ideal man for every young man who want to achieve a big goals

my second inspiration person is you can see this picture.

my third inspiration person.

My qualification is that complete 12th and I my passion is writing article.
And help anyone for business because I stated business  four year. I also read only business books as like Rich dad poor dad, Elon musk, think and grow rich, 7 habits etc. I am a learner and I want to learn other person.
this is i am

I belong a middle class family and I am a villagers person who does not any idea of blogging. I mean what is bloggin ?. how it work?. what can i do from blogging?. Before I learn all about blogging and I start a blog on blogspot and I write only article. I don't know about keyword searching, seo etc. So I learn all about ranking, seo tools and keyword searching. all this thing I learn from internet. 

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