What is SEO for websites ?

Do you want to know about SEO, here is A to Z guide for Beginner? If you have a blog or website, then this is most important to know about Seo

If you want to rank your website in search engines, you have to do SEO, SEO is the main factor for ranking without SEO you can't rank your website or blog.

Type of SEO

There are three types of SEO.
1.white hat SEO.
2. Black hat SEO.
3. Gray hat SEO.

White hat SEO.

white hat SEO is following all rules of the search engines, and the following policy. If you want to do ranks your site on any search engines you have to do white hat SEO. With white hat SEO, you can rank your site till a long time.

You can easily rank your site from this process, and generate good revenue because your site is shown on the first page in search engines.

And 90% of people search click the first page. from white hat  SEO, drive more traffic by Google, and any search engine, because Search engine shows your site on the first pages.

Black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO doesn't follow search engine rules and policy. With black hat SEO, you can do rank your blog post or websites for some time, but not a long time.

you can not run this process for a long time. If you used to this process you site maybe spam, because any search engine wants to the best post and website for the show on the first page.

Gray hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO is following 50% white hat SEO and 50% black hat SEO.

21+essential tips for SEO

Why need to do SEO?

Seo need for your blog post ranking, seo need for your website ranking.

There are a lot of websites and blogs on the internet, so you have to beat them and rank your post on the first page.

For all the things you have to do  SEO.

How to do SEO?

If you want to do SEO for your website or blog follow this step.

post writing: wite post-1000 to 1500 words, and that post should be unique. 

interlinking: link your other post link your current post. Base on your current post.

Out link: link another site link your blog post which is high (D.R).

Directory submission. submit your site on the directory submission website. You can submit also the blog post link.

GENERATE do follow backlink for your blog post or websites

2.o web link. make 2.o link for ranking your post or website.

Images: use images in your blog post. If you have knowledge of infographics, then you can do infographics,  make graphics base on your blog post. 
Title: give eye catchy blog post title, 

Optimization: optimize your blog post and make the user-friendly post that anybody can easily understand.

DO-follow backlink: make do follow backlink for your blog post with high (D.R) websites.


NO-follow backlink: crawler doesn't give more importance to No-follow backlink but it is important because of the search engine might spam your site.

 So you have to make a balance of do-follow backlink and no-follow backlink.

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