Harsh Agrawal's: Call centre to become a professional blogger and make millions dollars.

story of harsh agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

  • I want to tell you something about harsh Agrawal. If you don't know about Harsh Agrawal, well Harsh Agrawal is a famous blogger in India. 
Founder of SHOUTMELOUD.COM, he is an engineer by education and profession by blogger.

In this post, I'll share something interesting about his life and you can learn something from him.

He says that become your own boss. 

Table of Harsh's story.

  • his journey.
  • how they become a professional blogger.
  • how many they earn in one month.
  • How many people work with them.
  • how they make money.

His journey.

he started blogging just out of fun in September of 2008 and started writing about things which I knew. He started my blogging journey on the BlogSpot platform.

 he was more passionate about the network and computer security, As I mentioned, he started blogging out of passion and interest. 

he had no idea what AdSense was or what SEO was when he started. he was a hobby blogger and with time he learned about AdSense and other advertising programs.

 Though before that he learned SEO by reading lots of blogs and experimenting every day.

 he still remembers his first $10, which he earned via helping some guy at Digital point forum with his WordPress error. 

That was my first online income; later on, he added AdSense and in the first month he made $40 which he consider as a good start. 

  • how they become a professional blogger.
He worked in the call center, and he researched for a part-time job when he knows about blogging is a platform, where you can make a lot of money and share your knowledge.

After that, he buys a domain name and hosting, then they started to write the post which he knew about that.

After 3 to 4 month he got his first payment by google adsense, then they left his job and start blogging as a full time.

Now he is one of the best bloggers in India. 

  • how much they earn in one month.
In started time he made 400 $/month. They continuously work on the blog, he never thought about money.

He wants to share his knowledge and become a professional blogger and get fame.

He makes money from many types of way, his main source income is affiliate marketing.

Now he earns 24,000$ to 30,000$/ month.
  • How many people work with them.

In starting time they were work alone, after 3 to 4 year he made a team for work on shoutmeloud.com.

In his team, 5 people work with them, he is an also youtube, he makes the video in English. 

  • how they make money.
he earns money in many ways.

  • Affiliate marketing.
Almost all people know about affiliate marketing who use the internet. he makes 20,000$/month
  • Adsense.
Adsense is a Google product where Google publisher apply for approval when your site approved by Google you can make money from ads which Google provides.

He does not make more money from Adsense, because he used too much affiliate link on his website.

  • sponsorship.
Shoutmeloud. com is a famous blog 1 Million visitors visit/ month. So many companies approach for advertisement his products.

  • Paid advertising.
  • Direct advertising with hosting companies.


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