Cost of living in Mumbai for a bachelor.

Do you want to live in Mumbai, for some purpose like becoming an actor, actress, for business, for study, for any reason? 

But you have not enough money for surviving, and if you are a bachelor.
I'll show you full details about cost, place, and rooms feature If you want to come to Mumbai you for struggling. You may come and leave in Mumbai.

Some popular questions about Mumbai.

How many costs of living in Mumbai.

It depends on you. If you come to Mumbai for struggling, then you have to manage.

If you want to leave at a minimum cost in Mumbai you have to pay 2500 Rupees/person.

Cost of food.

if you eat non-vegetarian you have to pay 50Rupees/one time. If you eat vegetarian and non-vegetarian you have to pay depends on you that what do you eat.

there are many hotels in Mumbai, but they charge a lot of money depends on the area.

living at minimum cost.

If you want to live with the minimum cost you can live at Nallasopara, Andheri, etc.

If you want to live in Mumbai you have to give documents copy as like AAdhar card, voter id card, and photo. There is no extra charge.

Nallasopara details.  

If you want to live in Nallasopara you can see detail and if you have any problem you can contact me.

Address. Kambeshwar opposite DGS Nallasopara west.Pin number= 401203.

Contact number.8087178660.

In this area, you can easily get a paying guest room with minimum cost.

You can see this area below image.

There are a lot of famous cities is nearby from here like Andheri, Bandra, etc.


If you want to give audition for working in movies, then you can go Andheri, because there are a lot of films production in this area. From Nallasopara to Andheri distance almost 20 kilometers, you can easily go by local train. 

Train cost is 10 Rupees you can easily pay.


Bandra is a high-cost city, there are a lot of actors and actress and businessmen leave there. If you want to go there you can easily go from Nallasopara.

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