What is web hosting? full Explained (2019)

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Web Hosting Is Explained In English.

Before I start to explain it I want to tell you the type of web hosting. Let's start.

1.shared hosting.
2.cloud hosting.
3.wordpress hosting.
4. VPS hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting means when you start your blog then you should buy shared hosting because you have no high budget. In shared hosting, you can share your hosting plan in your friend circle.

Cloud hosting.
In cloud hosting, you can buy three types of hosting as you can below in the picture.


3.wordpress hosting.
If you want to start blogging on self-hosted then Highly recommended to you that buy WordPress hosting, because it provides advanced facilities for your blog.

you can see the plan of WordPress hosting.

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VPS hosting provide Full Root Access | Integrated Plesk Panel | Enhanced Server Securit.

you can see VPS plan

which are all things upload the site of the coding, which is the picture? You can upload your documents to the server's store. Poker Anyone Visit your Site  Do you want to serve The abdominal muscle is what the documents are going to open in the gadget.
I am going to have a web hosting program.
If you have any abdominal muscle, you can buy any web server. You have to compose 2 types of Web servers. ONE isWindows Server and other is Linux server.

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Table of Contents.

1. Compatibility
2. Pricing
Useful Web hosting terms
1. DISK Space
2. Bandwidth
3. Cpanel
What is a dedicated server?
What is Shared Web Hosting?
Cons of Shared Web Hosting
What is Reseller Web Hosting?

1. Compatibility

Friends Linux server is available for PHP, My SQL, Python such language course of compatible.
Do you have a website like .net, ASP  is available. Windows Server is your best choice.
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2. Pricing

If you have a budget for your budget, you can go to Linux.
Qyuki Linux is an open source software. Send me a message from the Windows server, Microsoft's money will not pay ...

I have seen the operating system Now you have the option to select the server type ...
Useful Web hosting terms

1. DISK Space

The amount of space that you are allowed to upload to a server is available, which is the disk space.
Simple words: disk space after the web hosting server is stored in storage space.

2. Bandwidth

Aap Bandwidth is an Internet service provider.
For example:
Aggregation of all your bandwidth is 10000 MB. And your average webpage size is 1 MB.

If one thousand visitors visite in your website when they visit with your bandwidth.

If you have a new website, you will be able to access it from the 2000 MBK bandwidth.

3. Cpanel

The panel contains a new control panel. You can remotely manage your server. I am going to learn technical skills from
I have a preinstalled application in the web hosting service. But some web hosting companies have not been preinstalled. Do not install anything else.

What is a dedicated server?

Boston is your web hosting provider, has been accessed by a server, but it does not mean that we have a host of websites, we have a dedicated server.
You can take as a computer. I'll send you files to host
such computer is the main processor, R.A.M, Motherboard as things.

The Waise Hi Dedicated server is also the processor, R.A.M has been setting a price for Motherboard.

 1. Dedicated server costs too much. Like 10,000 / month
2. Essa Setup has asked for technical knowledge.

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What is Shared Web Hosting?

now shared hosting
Shared hosting has added cheap and cheap hosting services to all types of hosting.
Because in this a dedicated server of 200 se 300 websites share together
Abed is a dedicated server that costs $ 10000 / month. Do you have 200 website's run?
You can get 200 websites on your website. Please enter your website


200/10000 = 50 / month for 1 website.
A dedicated server has been imported from 200 to 300 because of its shared hosting account.
Cons of Shared Web Hosting

1. The shared hosting of more traffic handle is no longer available.
2. What is the purpose of the game?

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller is a web hosting company that has a boom in business. Because now day has been called Business online. Please enter a website for yourself.

 Web hosting does not change Please refer to your hosting reseller hosting service for your web hosting company.
Prachi If you do not have any server, please contact your clients' website at the same time. You can use your reseller hosting service as soon as possible.

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