Summary: Elon musk:review and full explain. (2019)
In this book Elon's tells his story that how they start and become a successful entrepreneur. So I will show you this book detail and explain it.

Elon's world

Do you think I'M insanse?"

this question came from Elon Musk near the very end of a long dinner we share at a high-end seafood restaurant in Silicon Valley.

I'd gotten to the restaurant first and settled down with a gin and tonic, knowing Musk would -as ever-be late.

After about fifteen minutes, Musk showed up wearing leather shoes, designer jeans, and a plaid dress shirt.

Musk stands six foot one but ask anyone who know him and they'll confirm that he seems much bigger than that.

He's absurdly broad shouldered, sturdy, and thick. You'd figure he would use this frame to his advantage and perform an alpha-male strut when entering a rooms.

 Instead, he tends to be almost sheepish. It's head tilted slightly down while walking, a quick handshake hello after reaching the table, and then butt in seat.

From there, Musk needs a few minutes before he warms up and looks at ease. chapter 1


THE PUBLIC MET ELON REEVE MUSK IN 1984. THE SOUTH AFRICA trade publication PC and office technology published the source code to a video game Musk had designed.

Called blaster, the science-fiction-inspired space game required 167 lines of instructions to run.

this was back in the day when early computer users were required to type out commands to make their machine do much of anything.

In that context, Musk's game did not shine as a marvel of computer science bit it certainly surpassed what most twelve-year-old were kicking out at the time.chapter 2


MUSK'S GREAT ESCAPE TO CANADA WAY NOT WELL THOUGHT OUT. THE  knew of a great-uncle in Montreal hopped on a flight and hoped for the best.

Upon landing in June 1988, Musk found a pay phone and tried to use directory assistance to find his uncle.

When that didn't work, he called his mother collect. She had bad news. Maye had sent a letter to the uncle before Musk left and receive a reply while her son was in transit.

The uncle had gone to Minnesota, meaning Musk had nowhere to stay.

Bags in hand, Musk headed for a youth hosted.


In the summer of 1994. Musk and his brother KIMBAL. Took their first step toward becoming honest-to-God Americans. They set off on a road trip across the country.

Kimbal had been working as a franchisee for college propainters and done well for himself, running what amounted to a small business.

He sold off his part of the franchise and pooled the money with what Musk had on hand to buy a bear-up 1970 BMW 320 i.

The brother began their trip near San Francisco in August, as temperatures in California soared. 

The first part of the drive took them down to Needles, a city in the Mojave Desert.

There they experienced the sweaty thrill of 120-degree weather in a car with no air-conditioning and learned to love pit stops at Carl's Jr. burger joints, where they spent hours recuperating in the cold.chapter 4.


The sale of Zip 2 infused Elon Musk with a few brand of confidence. 

Much like the video- game character he adored, Musk had leveled up. 

He had solved Silicon Valley and become what everyone at the time wanted to be-a dot-com millionaire.

His next venture would need to live up to his rapidly inflating ambition.

This left Musk searching for an industry that had tons of money and inefficiencies that he and the Internet could exploit.

Musk began thinking back to his time as an intern at the Bank of Nova Scotia.

His big takeaway from that job, that banker are rich and dumb, now had the feel of a massive opportunity.chapter 5


Elon Musk turned thirty in June 2001. And the birthday hit him hard. "I'm no longer a child prodigy," he told Justine, only half joking.

That same month X.COM officially changed its name to Paypal, providing a harsh reminder that the company had been ripped away from Elon Musk and given to someone else to run.

The start-up life, which Musk described as akin to "eating glass and staring into the abyss," had gotten old and so had Silicon Valley.chapter 6


J.B. STRAUBEL has a two-inch-long scar that cuts across the middle of his left cheek. 

He earned it in high school, during a chemistry class experiment. Straubel whipped up the wrong concoction of chemicals, and the beaker he was holding exploded, throwing off shards of glass, one of which sliced through his face.

The wound lingers as a tinkerer's badge of honor. It arrived near the end of a childhood full of experimentation with chemicals and machines.

Born in Wisconsin, Straubel constructed a large chemistry lab in the basement of his family's home that included fume hoods and chemicals ordered, borrowed, or pilfered. chapter 7

Pain, suffering, and survival

A she prepared to begin filming iron man early 2007. the director Jon Favreau out a complex in Los Angeles that once belonged to Hughes Aircraft, the aerospace and defense contractor started about eight year earlier by Howard Hughes.

The facility had a series of interlocking hangars and served as a production office for the movie.

It also supplied Robert Downey Jr., who was to play iron man and his human creator Tony stark, with a splash of inspiration.

Downey felt nostalgic looking at one of the large hangers, which had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Not too long ago, that building had played host to big ideas of a big man who shook up industries and did things his own way.chapter 8


The Falcon 9 has become SPACEX'S workhorse. the rocket looks let's face it-like a giant white phallus. It stands 244.4 feet tall, is 12 feet across, and weighs 1.1 million pounds.

The rocket is powered by nine engine arranged in an "octaweb" pattern at its base with one engine in the center and eight other encircling it.

The engines connect to the first stage, or the main body of the rocket, which bears the blue Space X insignia and an American flag.

The shorter second stage of the rocket sits on top of the first and is the one that actually ends up doing things in space.

It can be outfitted with a rounded container for carrying satellites or a capsule capable of transporting humans.

By design, there's nothing particularly flashy about the Falcon 9's outward appearance.

It's the spaceship equivalent of an apple laptop or a Braun Kettle- an elegant, purposeful machine stripped of frivolity and waste.


there are so many television commercial for cars and trucks that it's easy to become immune to them and ignore what's taking place in the ads.

That's okay. Because there's not really much of note happening.

Carmakers looking to put a modicum of effort into their ads have been hawking the exact same things for decades; a car with a bit more room, a few extra miles per gallon, better handling, or an extra cup holder.

Those that can't find anything interesting at all to tout about their cars turn to scantily clad women, men with British accents, and, when necessary, dancing mice in tuxedos to try and convince people that their products are better than the rest.

Next time a car and appears on your television, pause for a moment and really listen to what's being said.

When you realize that Volkswagen sign-and-drive "event"is code for "we're making the experience of buying a car slightly less miserable than usual," you'll start to appreciate just how low the automotive industry has sun.chapter 10


The Rive brother used to be like a technology gang. In the late 1990 they would jump on skateboards and zip around the streets of Santa Cruz, knocking on the doors of businesses and asking if they needed any help managing their computing system.

The young men, who hall all grown up in south Africa with their cousin Elon musk, soon decided there must be an easier way to hawk their technology smarts than going door-to-door. 

They wrote some software that allowed them to take control of their clients' systems from afar and to automate many of the standard tasks that companies required, such as installing updates for application.

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