Review: All blogging tools which essential need for beginner 2019.

blogging tools

If you want to start a blog or website for business purpose or blogging purpose, so you need tools for managing your website or blog.
So I'll show you some essential tools which help you to boost your traffic, keyword analytics, competitor checker, etc,
If you want to start a blog or website you essential a platform for starting a blog or website. I'll show tell you the best platform for stating a blog or website.

So WordPress is the best platform for starting a blog or website Because in WordPress you don't need to know about coding, only drop and down.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis means when you'll start blog or website, then you need to write posts, when you write a post then you have to target keyword which people want.

So you can do it with Semrush.

Domain analytics.

What is domain analytics?
Domain analytics means when you start a blog or website, so many people doing the same as you do, So you have to beat them.



SEMRUSH for keyword searching and analysis tools for any blogger or company, or digital marketer.

Also, read 100+ blogging tools.

Semrush help in SEO (search engine optimization).Without SEO you can not rank your post on google pages.

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blue host is one of the best hosting company because, they provide SSL certificate free.
And hosting+ domain name with very low price.

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Ready to grow your business with email?

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If you want to capture your visitor mail then you need a tool for this.
So Aweber is one of the best ways to capture mail.

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Hubspot basically topic generator tools which help you to get content ideas.
Which is audience search now a day.

NinjaOutreach free 14 day trial

Being specifically, they help marketers to build relations with their customers and influencers. Thus, coming down to their referral program, they give nearly 50% referral commissions. Yes, this is HUGE as compared to different software companies which offer between 20 to 30%.

  • Another product which you can promote is known as an inbound marketing training course.
  •  Hence, In this, the company gives 50% commissions for referrals

  • Great collection of advanced tracking tools for affiliate marketers.
  • Good collection of reporting features.
  • High Recurring Incomes for every month
  • Second Tier Commissions Available


  • You will get 50% of the revenue share on your first payment which will follow 30% recurring income.

  • An accurate and reliable affiliate tracking system which helps you to stick with every commission product.

  • Super Customer value which lasts for a lifetime and it is absolutely free to join.

This is the best way to start building a powerful website. You can find anything to make a website.


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