How to create email list for your blog. (2019)

Email is crucial.
My biggest mistake in the starting days of my blogging career was not building an email list. I cried when I came to know about the importance of email marketing.
I might have lost thousands of potential customers, just because I was not building an email list.
OK. Tell me, what is the first thing you do in the morning after checking your Facebook account (I know we all check Facebook first in the morning)?
Did you reply email?
Yeah, you got me right.
Email is the second most crucial things I check every single day when I open my laptop.

Most of the people use the same email address for years. My own email address is 16 years old... Yeah, I made it in 2001.
So you need an email list for building an awesome relationship with your subscribers. You need an email list to announce anything to your subscribers. I have written a long article on the importance of building an email list.

So how to build an email list?

#1. Choose an awesome email marketing service provider.

I strongly recommend using ConvertKit. This is an email marketing solution which has changed my life totally. Earlier I was using Aweber (I actually used it for 1-2 years), but soon I realized that I lacked some of the automation features which could help me to engage with my subscribers at an advanced level.
So I switched from Aweber to ConvertKit.
With ConvertKit, you can write simple emails which land on the main tab in Gmail rather than promotional tabs. So you get the more open rate and better deliverability.
And ConvertKit gives you mind-blowing functionality to automate your email actions, sequences to get most out of an email marketing service.
You can start your FREE 30 days trial by clicking here.

#2. Add signup forms on your blog

You can create beautiful looking signup forms and landing pages with ConvertKit.
Once you create your forms, you can easily add them on your blog just with a few lines of code. At ConvertKit, you get an embedded code which you can paste anywhere on your site (where you want to display your form) and start collecting emails.

#3. Nurturing your email list and growing it

Once we have all the forms on proper places, the next step is to grow your email list and nurture them for keeping them warm.
Here is how you can grow your email list.
  • Start writing guest posts on some good blogs and ask them to subscribe to your blog.
  • Start participating in various discussions on Facebook groups.
  • Start writing some valuable stuff on various forums in your niche.
  • Start some Facebook ads to promote your articles (if you have a budget for this).
Once you start seeing people subscribing your email list, the next step is to nurture them.
Make a schedule to send them an email twice or thrice a week. So hesitate to do it, because this is the only way to make them remind about your brand.
You can start sending them emails like:
  • When you publish any new blog post
  • When you read any good book and learn something new
  • When you watch any good video which teaches something very good.
  • Tell them about your upcoming books, videos, software
  • Show them behind the scene
  • Asking for the reviews about your blog posts
  • Taking suggestions for the next article’s topics
Building an email list can be one of the best decisions you can ever take for your blog to grow.
Start doing it right today itself.
  1. Start your ConvertKit FREE 30 days trial
  2. Add option forms on various places on your blog
  3. Start promoting your blog to get some new subscribers
  4. Keep emailing them by providing value
You must be feeling more confident right now... Right?

Why Is Email Overlooked?

The truth is that these days most people don’t consider email to be very “exciting.” Email has been around since the beginning of the internet, so at this point many people consider it to be boring or even outdated.
The trend now is all about social media promotion. Whether you are promoting your new posts via Twitter or sharing content on Facebook, these strategies often feel like they are the way we should be promoting our blog. In fact, it can sometimes feel like social media is the best way for us to get a promotional edge.
I’m certainly not here to talk you out of promoting your blog on social media, but rather to tell you to make sure that you are giving more of your focus to where your readers can be more easily reached. And where is that exactly? In their email inbox!
The simple fact is that while social media platforms have different levels of user adoption, none of them will ever catch up to email. How can I be so confident in this? Simply because these platforms still prompt new users to sign up with an email account.

What Are The Benefits of an Email List?

Email represents one of the easiest and most direct ways of reaching the people who are most interested in your content. After all, if they visit your blog and opt-in to receive emails from you then you can be sure that they are interested in hearing more from you!
The primary reason that email is so powerful comes down to how personal it is. Your readers will receive each email as a direct note from you, which truly helps to build a relationship between your blog and your readers.
Even better, it also allows you an incredibly high conversion way of driving traffic to your blog, by tapping into a self-selected audience of your most interested readers.
Whether you are trying to drive traffic to a new article or promote your own product or service, email allows you to make a direct appeal to your audience. You spend a lot of time creating high-quality blog content, so you want to make sure that your most interested readers are seeing that content.
So how do you build your email subscriber list?


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