How to retain great manpower in your company or business man ?

Every year start million business, but many business fail in a year they don't perform in market.
Because they don't have mind set that how to grow our business.
They have no manpower, and without manpower you can't grow your business. And manpower make easy your business. Manpower is very important for your business. 

If you thought that in current time I have no money for manpower. Don't worry in starting time you have to need only mindset. So that you could start your business. 

You should start business with some amount because, if  your business has been failed. than don't loss more money in your business.

take fly light in your business.

They have no more team and they don't accomplish customer need.So there are two big problem in your business.

                 1. competition       2. Attrition 


Competitor is always outside your business, for this . You should learn of people mind that what he want. If you thought that which you make product and only sell it, than your business absolutely fail because customer don't want to buy new brands product.Before you have to spend money on advertisement.

example: Apple.


Apple is a smart phone and apple product is a very high price yet people like it, and buy. why?

Because  Apple company read mind of people and they accomplish of our customer. 
Apple is one of the best smart phone company in the world.


Attrition is always in your business or company. Attrition means how many people drop you company in year. Why employs drop your company because they don't full fill them need. When you don't complete your employs need than they never leave with you.

In business before you have to focus on Attrition because without manpower you never grow your business. Employ always want to get good salary. 

When you care your employ, than they never drop your company, and when you care your employ than your business grow very fast. Because they work with patience.

Actually There are doing many award show for which is the best company where employ wants to leave their.

Example= TATA group.

TATA group:

In TATA group employs don't want to drop it. Because TATA group give value of our employs.

they provide many good salary of our employs. When any body join TATA group than they don't want to drop TATA group.


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