6 brilliant way to grow your business very fast.

 All the business man don't want to be unsuccessful in his business, but in India when start 10 startup than 9 start fail in a first year.
Because they have no more knowledge about business.

 All the new start up make big mistake in starting time, they don't want to know about customer need. 

untill you don't accomplish your customer need, than you never grow your business.

SO I will show you that how to grow your business very fast.no more money need to start a business, as well as I know all the people know about Amazon.Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce site in the world.Amazon have no product, Amazon is one of the best platform for small business man. Because amazon take fly light,you can see below this text.

PSP formula

(PSP) means problem solving product look very care fully Because you can become the best business man.you must know about customer needs that what customer do want.

if your product solve customer problem. than you never fail in your business. some business man without search marketing they start their business and they badly fail in their business.

So you have to search market before start you business. you have to find out people needs than you can start you own business."become your own boss" you have to be a job creator.

asset light model.


asset light model when you understand this model you can grow very fast in you business.
No need to buy asset, if you want to make a cloth factory, firstly you need land.
after that you have to make factory or building and after that you need to machine for making clothe. When you buy machine than you need to men power for riding machine. if you have accompalish all thing. AFTER this you will have to maintenance it.

fly light model


all the world largest company work on this model, fly light models means you don't need land, make building, men power. 
as like Apple don't make manufacturing 'fly light'. face book don't write content yourself 'fly light'.as same coca cola don't make bottle manufacturing 'fly light'
that's same you have to take fly light.

how to take fly light?

in this models capital expenditure not involved.when you want to take fly light than you have to make brand like apple.

you don't need to make manufacturing, you have to do tie up other company which make manufacturing as you want.

your product quality secures your future. there is essential need to make best quality of your brand product.

 Before buying manufacturing, you should check quality.
After that you have to make sticker your brand and pest your product. 

how to grow your brand ?

well you have to make the best quality of your product. after that you need to promote your brand.

you can run ads compain of your brand, you can run ads compain with minimum cost on face book,google etc.
you have to spend some money on advertisement.

Note- you can do internet marketing for you business

how to make fix customer ?

you always understand that customer is the king and you are a servant. you need to give value of your customer, and you should word without thinking it result.


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