Why we need to do email marketing?

Well, email marketing is a platform to reach a huge audience, Think about it. That without email android phone or iPhone can't run, So everybody has an email ID. This is a big market place in email marketing.
And anyone can do email marketing. This is very simple, There is a lot of tool for email marketing, but I highly recommended to Aweber. This is paid but it provides advanced facilities for email marketing.

If you want to do that how to do email marketing then I'll tell you to step-by-step

25 step to do email marketing

1.Email domain.
2.SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol)
3.Marketing automation.
4.Spam cop 
5.Email Phishing.
6.Email campaign.
7.Email Appending
8.Email analytics.
9.click per Delivered
10.Conversion rate.
14. Read or open a length.
15.Single opt-in.
16. Spam or UCE(unsolicited commercial Email).
19. OPT-in(subscriber).
20.Levels of Authentication.
21. Landing page.
22.HTML Email.
23. Email sponsorships.
24.Bounce rate.

1.Email domain.

The domain name, website or URL that an email is sent from. Typically, this is your company's primary domain name.

2.SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol)

The language or "protocol" servers use to talk to each other as they send emails around the world.

3.Marketing automation.

The marketing strategy of defining communications to different customer segments, then setting those messages to go out automatically.
 Autoresponders are an example of Marketing Automation.

4.Spam cop

A paid spam service that plants their own email and monitors who harvest the address and spams it. 
5.Email Phishing.

A fraudulent email sent from a spammer that says something has gone wrong with a critical account and asks the recipient to give their bank account login information via a link in the email. 

The spammer then collects the information the unknowing email recipient has given them.

6.Email campaign.

Each time you send a promotional message to your subscriber, you're sending a campaign.

The term applies to the list select you're sending to, the creative, and the result of each email deployment.

7. Email Appending.

sometimes called a "data overlay" A list-enhancement technique where email names are appended unto a customer data, usually by a database company that has those customers' email addresses.

8.Email analytics.

All the technologies and metrics used to measure email programs.

9.click per Delivered.

A percentage measure of the number of clicks divided by the number of emails delivered to the intended inbox.

10.Conversion rate.
The percentage (the number of unique clicks divided by the number that were opened)of the recipient that click on a given URL in your email.

A very short looping movie that can be embeded into emails and on websites.

A list of email senders of bad repute Being on a blacklist means a sender's email messages may not get to the inbox at all.


3 Ways to Do Email Marketing.


Adding element to your email that are personalized based on information you already know about them.
It  could refer to addressing the recipient by name, referecing past purchases, or other content unique to each recipient.
14. Read or open length.

A measure of the lenght of time a person opens the email until they close it.

15.Single opt-in.

A single opt-in list is created when users sign up for email communications, but don't confirm the action.

This means they can ne signed up for a list by someone else, and as such is not a recommended way to build a healthy email marketing.

16. Spam or UCE(unsolicited commercial Email).

Email sent to someone who has not opted-in or given permission to email to the sender. Over 90% of email sent is classified as spam.


When a subscribers chooses not to receive email communication from the sender anymore, and request removal from your email list. 

It is legally required that you provide a clear way to opt out in every email you send.

19. OPT-in(subscriber).
To opt-in or subscriber to an email list is to choose to receive email communications by supplying your email address to a particular company, website or individual thereby giving them permission to email you.

The subscriber can often indicate areas of personal interest (e.g mountain biking) and/or indicate what types of emails they wish to receive from the sender (e.g newsletters).

20.Levels of Authentication.

A way of establishing a sender's identity, and ensure the sender is allowed to send from a given domain.

21. Landing page.

A lead-capture page on your website that is linked to from an email to provide additional  information directly related to products or services promoted in the email's call-to-action.

22.HTML EMail.

Sending HTML email makes it possible to get creative with the design of your emails.
23. Email sponsorships.

Buying ad space in an email newsletter or sponsoring a specific article or series of articles. 

Advertisers pay to have their ad inserted into the body of the email.
24.Bounce rate.

The rate at which your emails are not delivered. There are two types of bounces, hard and soft, both of which are defined later in this glossary. An acceptable bounce rate is less than 5%.

The percentage of email messages that are accepted by the mail server. Just because an email is accepted by the email server does not mean it will get to an inbox.

make money from blogging.

Do you want to make money with blogging? If you want to make money with blogging, Then I will show you a top way to make money from blogging. It's easy to make money with blogging, but you should have patience, you don't need to wonder here and there to know that how to make money from blogging because I'll give you accomplish a guide to make money with blogging.

I want to tell Some stories to related blogging because blogging changes the life of many people, and believe me blogging can change your life, and you can become your own boss. 
blogging is a business, and this is your startup because you should have to knowledge about marketing, digital marketing, and also you have to know management your visitor.

If you can show that you are making money yourself already.
Too many bloggers jump into this niche and take the wrong approach. They pretend that they have the knowledge to share with others about making money online but this audience isn’t stupid.
They know they have other options so if you can’t show them in some way that you know what you are talking about then you won’t be making the type of money you thought.
So does this mean that beginning bloggers cannot enter this niche? Of course not.
The way I would approach it as a beginning blogger would be to treat it more like a blog journey. Chronicle all of the things that are working for you and not working for you. Let people follow you along from day 1.

The catch is, is it better to do this with the how to make money blog or a secondary blog? My gut tells me you should do it with a secondary blog but that means a bit more time. However, it gives you a bit more authority for when you are ready to launch your book or course.

My story in blogging.

When I started a blog then I have to know ideas about blogging, after that, I started to research about blogging that what is blogging, how it works, and can I make money from blogging till 6 months I research on blogging.

After some time I started a blog on blogspot.com, and post some article after that I realize that it's very hard because I have little knowledge about blogging, and blogging tools, for some time I dropped blogging and start ed to learn about blogging tools, Seo tools, how to write perfect post for blog.

Then I came back in blogging, and again I start a blog and write a post, again I was fell in blogging because I have to no knowledge about social engagement, I can't make the loyal reader of my blog post, after that, I learn about social media marketing.

Now a day I earn that I can buy my dream thing because I kept patience and believe that one day I become successful in blogging. It is my story about blogging.

In this page, I will show you some organic way to make money with blogging so let's start. Some bullet about to how to make money with blogging.

  1. Set up your blog
  2. write use full content
  3. drive more traffic
  4. use fasted downloading a theme
  5. .make loyal visitor of your site

Set up your blog.

If you want to make money with blogging you have to create blog There're many platforms to create a blog as like "blogger.com" "wordpress.org" etc. and set up a blog and customize your blog and give a professional look of your blog. Make user-friendly, and SEO friendly template and content.

Write use full content.

Very carefully write your blog post which is helpful for your blog reader, and look very cool.

Don't use complicated words in your blog post which the reader couldn't understand a post.

 it's is very important that you'll have to provide full knowledge which reader want to know; because when you provide full knowledge your visitor, then definitely come again in your blog, because they'll trust of you.

  1. Drive more traffic.

When you start a blog you have measure challenge that to get traffic so you have to know about social media platform where you can get totally free traffic for your blog.

Until you don't get more traffic till you can't make money. Firstly you have to focus on to get huge traffic on your site then you can make money from blogging.

  1. use fasted downloading a theme.

There are many blogger mistakes it, that they used any theme for their blog this is a big misconception that doesn't use a slow loading theme.

 you should use the very fast theme if you can afford for paying a theme then absolutely you should use paid theme because it is very fast and user-friendly.

  1. .make loyal visitor of your site.
You have to engage your visitor, and connected with them; because when you connected with them then they discuss with you, and you can understand your visitor problem mean what visitor want from you.

Then if you do as then you can make a loyal audience when you'll want to sell anything then they absolutely buy which you want to sell out, because they'll trust you 

1.Affiliate marketing.


One of the best ways to all the bloggers for making money, because now a day the company doesn't waste more money on advertising; they provide affiliate programs.

To put it most simply – affiliate income is when you link to a product that is for sale on another site (take Amazon for example) and if someone follows your link and ends up buying that product you earn a commission on that sale.

It's is very simple you can go to a site that provides affiliate programs and sign up, it's very simple.

I'll tell you some most popular affiliate programs that you can make a huge amount.

Example: Amazon, hostgater, Bluehost,resellerclube, Semrush

you can join it and start earning today.

How much money can you make blogging?

If you have this question then I'll clear it.
You can make unlimited money from blogging which you can't imagine because there are a lot of ways to make money from blogging.

The thing about blogging is that there are no limitations — there are a thousand ways to make money with blogging. That’s both incredibly liberating and extremely terrifying at the same time.

2. Advertising Income.

there are many popular blog use this technique to make money, how the newspaper, magazine sell direct ads that same when your blog becomes popular then you can connect to the advertiser and sell direct ads on your blog.

While you need decent traffic to do a direct deal with an advertiser there are ad networks (like Google AdSense,media.net, Amazon ads etc.) that act as a  enable all publishers to run ads on their blogs. And start earning from ads, you can make passive income there.

Advertising is easy to start, making it a popular income stream for many bloggers. However, it’s not nearly as lucrative as it once was and it requires a lot of traffic to be truly profitable. Also, it runs the risk of frustrating your readers (ever been on a site only to be assaulted by the ads?) and making your site look cheap and unsophisticated. Therefore, it’s not a top recommendation of mine.

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                           6 ways to grow your business very fast.

Digital products.

As we know about the digital world, now a day no one wants to keep the physical product with their, then you can sell a digital product.

As people want, you can sell e-books, blogging tools, SEO tools, etc. This is the best way to provide your own service as you want.

Online course.

If you have deep knowledge about any things then you can provide the online course on your blogs as like: courses for an entrepreneur, affiliate marketing, programming language, and any skills as you want to provide online courses.

this is better because many people and students want to learn from home, so this easy way to find his courses and learn from home.

Recurring income.

There is a lot of bloggers make recurring income from their blog for recurring income you have to join affiliate programs which provide digital service or you can make your own digital service which customer pay for every month.

There are a lot of hosting, domain name companies provide affiliate programs, simply you have to go to a website and sign up as an affiliate marketer. I mention some company which gives you recurring income Bluehost, resellerclub, Hostgator, semrush etc.

Physical products.

You can sell a physical product based on your blog, if your blog is base on technology then you can definitely sell mobile, camera, books base on technology, headphone etc.

If your blog is on fashion then you can sell oil, cream, clothes, and any type of products as you want to sell out.

sponsored content.

If you have knowledge about any field as like: you can describe any product simple way or you can write Seo optimize the post for another blogger, you can write a paid post for company or e-commerce site.

You should know how to write a perfect post which ranks in first pages any search engine. If you can do as Definitely you can add this service in your blog.

promoting business.

If you have a huge audience then you can make extremely money from blogging, you can contact with a small businessman who has no digital knowledge.

 And they don't know more about digital marketing than you contact and say to him that I'll promote your business, I have a huge audience, instead of this, I'll charge some money.

Sell software.

If you have paid software then you can list your blog and keep some charge for this who person uses it. 

blogging tools

If you want to start a blog or website for business purpose or blogging purpose, so you need tools for managing your website or blog.
So I'll show you some essential tools which help you to boost your traffic, keyword analytics, competitor checker, etc,
If you want to start a blog or website you essential a platform for starting a blog or website. I'll show tell you the best platform for stating a blog or website.

So WordPress is the best platform for starting a blog or website Because in WordPress you don't need to know about coding, only drop and down.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis means when you'll start blog or website, then you need to write posts, when you write a post then you have to target keyword which people want.

So you can do it with Semrush.

Domain analytics.

What is domain analytics?
Domain analytics means when you start a blog or website, so many people doing the same as you do, So you have to beat them.



SEMRUSH for keyword searching and analysis tools for any blogger or company, or digital marketer.

Also, read 100+ blogging tools.

Semrush help in SEO (search engine optimization).Without SEO you can not rank your post on google pages.

sign up for Semruch.

blue host is one of the best hosting company because, they provide SSL certificate free.
And hosting+ domain name with very low price.

Sign up for blue host.

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So Aweber is one of the best ways to capture mail.

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Hubspot basically topic generator tools which help you to get content ideas.
Which is audience search now a day.


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This is the best way to start building a powerful website. You can find anything to make a website.


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Bill Gets story

If you don't know about Bill Gets, than I will tell you that Bill gates is an American business magnate, Entrepreneur, Investor and philanthropist.He is a founder of Microsoft company, and he is a  richest person  in the world.

In this post I will show you bill Gets biography that how Bill Gets become a billionaire. I will show you bill Gets story childhood to billionaire.

28th October 1955

In 1955 Bill gets was born in Settle Washington United State of America. His full name is William Henry Gates.
After some time Bill Gets take Admission in Lake side school. Bill gets was a very intelligent boy, In childhood he was hungry for learn new thing.

In 1969:

In 1969 bill gates start his high school. After some time Bill Gets take admission in computer class, after some time bill had very passionate in computer. They want to know that how computer work for this Bill Gates spend many time in computer class room. After some time bill Gates met a boy who name is Paul Allen.After some time Bill and Allen become a friend.

In 1970

When Bill Gets only 15 year old, than Bill Gates and Paul Allen made a computer program which name is "Traf-o-Data". For this they got $20,000 that is first earning of Bill and Allen, in that time bill had Entry in technology world.

In 1972

When Bill 17 year old than Bill and Allen thought to start his own company, but bill's parent don't want as. They told to bill that before complete high school and take admission in collage.Because bill's father is a layer, his father wants to give law education of bill gates.

In 1973

In 1973 Bill Gates complete his high school education, and they found 1590/1600 marks, he introduce his intelligence.After some time Bill Gates take admission in Howard University for learned law.

In 1974

Allen move here and there than he found a magazine which name is popular Electronics, on cover pages of magazine first mini computer kit in the world which name is Altair 8800. This talk Allen said to Bill gates and both were very happy. Because for run Altair 880 need a software which support in mini computer.

February 1975:

Bill and Allen had a big opportunity Bill. Bill and Allen contact company which made this computer,and they announced that they worked on a basic software programs which could run Altair 8800.
Bill And Allen worked two month day or night in Howard university computer lab.After make software Paul Allen went for testing software.When the software install in Altair 8800, than  the software work properly.

4 April 1975

Only 19 year old Bill Gates and Paul Allen make Microsoft  company. After some time Bill gates drop his collage in final year. In starting time no body want to buy software for this Bill gates very often.

In 1976

When bill gates was very often for this than He thought that we should write a letter for every developer and programmer you can see the letter.

     " Without buy software used mean stop to make new software.
        Developer break his courage When any body copy developer's
        Than developer think that we vest our time for making quality          software and gave of you"

But no effected of the people for this reason Bill Gates very said. but his Intelligence was  not only making software but also growing business.

In 1978

When Microsoft sold out 1 million than some people know about Microsoft and some people come to Microsoft company for job.And increase his employ.

     'Now a day bill gates is first position on world richest person.
      His Net worth is $ 90 billion.
     And Now day the name of Microsoft CEO is satya nadela

The first step toward Riches:

When Edwin C. Barnes climbed down from the freight train in Orange, N.J., more than thirty years ago, he may have resembled a tramp, but his thought were those of a king!

As he made his way from the railroad track to Thomas A. Edison's office, his mind was at work. He saw himself standing in Edison's presence. he heard himself asking Mr. Edison for an opportunity to carry out the one CONSUMING OBSESSION OF HIS LIFE, A BUILDING DESIRE to become the business associate of the great inventor.

Man and machine

Barnes' desire was not a hope! It was not a wish! It was a keen, pulsating DESIRE, which transcended everything else.

It was DEFINITE. The desire was not new when he approached Edison. It had been Barnes' dominating desire for a long time. In the beginning, when the desire first appeared in his mind, it may have been, probably was, only a wish but it was no mere wish when he appeared before Edison wish it.

A few years later, Edwin C. Barnes again stood before Edison, in the same office where he first met the inventor. This time his DESIRE had been translated into reality. He was in business with Edison. The dominating DREAM OF HIS LIFE HAD BECOME a reality.

Today, people who know Barnes envy him, because of the "break" life yielded him. They see him in the day of his triumph, without taking the trouble to investigate the cause of his success.

Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal, placed all his energy, all his will power, all his effort, everything back of those goals. He did not become the partner of Edison the day he arrived. He was content to start in the most menial work, as long as it provided an opportunity to take even one step toward his cherished goals.

Five years passed before the chance he had been seeking made its appearance. During all those years not one ray of hope, not one promise of attainment of his DESIRE had been held out to him. To everyone, except himself, he appeared only another cog in the Edison business wheel, but in his own mind, HE WAS THE PARTNER OF EDISON EVERY MINUTES OF THE TIME, FROM the very day that he first went to work there.

It is a remarkable illustration of the power of a DEFINITE DESIRE. Barnes won his goal because he wanted to be a business associate of Mr. Edison, more than he wanted anything else. He created a plan by which to attain that purpose. But he BURNED ALL BRIDGES BEHIND HIM.

He stood by his DESIRE until it became the dominating obsession of his life-and-finally, a fact.

When he went to orange, he did not say to himself, "I will try to induce Edison to give me a job of some sort. "He said, "I will see Edison, and put him on noticed that I have come to go into business with him.

He did not say, "I will keep my eyes open for another opportunity, In case I  fail to get what I want in the Edison organization.

 "He said, "There is but ONE  thing in the world that I am determined to have, and that is a business association with Thomas A. Edison. I will burn all bridges behind me, and stake my ENTIRE FUTURE on my ability to get what I want."

He left himself no possible way of retreat. He had to win or perish!

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat.

Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to success.

The morning after the great Chicago fire a group of merchants stood on state street, looking at the smoking remains of what had been their store.

They went into a conference to decide if they would try to rebuild, or leave Chicago and start over in a more promising section of the country.
They reached a decision- all except one-to leave Chicago.

Complementary business:


Complementary between computer and humans is not just a macro-scale fact. It's also the path to building a great business. I came to understand this form  experience at Pay pal . In mid-2000, we had survived the dot-come crash and we are growing fast, but we faced one huge problem:
we were upwards of $10 million to credit card fraud every month

Since we were processing hundreds or even thousand of transactions per minute, we couldn't possible review each one-no human quality control team could work that fast.

So we did what any group of engineer would do: we tried to automate a solution. First, Max Levchin assembled and elite team of mathematicians to study the fraudulent transfers in detail.

Then we took what we learned and wrote software to automatically identify and cancel bogus transactions in real time.

But it quickly became clear that this approach wouldn't work either: after an hour or two, the thieves would catch on and change their tactics.

We were dealing with an adaptive enemy, and our software couldn't adapt in response.

The fraudsters' adaptive evasions fooled our automatic detection algorithms, but we found that they didn't fool our human analysts as easily.

So Max and his engineer rewrote the software to take a hybrid approach:the computer would flag the most suspicious transaction on a well-designed user interface, and human operators would make the final judgment as to their legitimacy.

Thanks to his hybrid system we named it "Igor," after the Russian fraudster who bragged that we'd never be able to stop him- we turned our first quarterly profit in the first quarter of 2002 (as opposed to quarterly loss of 29.3 million one year before).

THE FBI asked us if we'd let them use Igor to help detect financial crime. And Max was able to boast, grandiosely but truthfully, that he was "the Sherlock Holmes of the Internet Underground.

This kinds of man-machine symbiosis enabled PayPal to stay in business, which in turn enabled hundreds of thousands of small business to accept the payments they needed to thrive on the internet.

None of it would have been possible without the man-machine solution- even though most people would never see it or even hear about it.

I continued to think about this after we sold PayPal in 2002: if humans and computer together could achieve dramatically better result than either could attain alone, what other valuable business could be built on this core principle? 

The next year, I pitched Alex Karp, an old Stanford classmate, and Stephen Cohen, a software engineer, on a new startup idea: we would use the human- computer hybrid approach from PayPal's security system to identify terrorist network and financial fraud.

We already knew the FBI was interested, and in 2004 we founded Palantir, a  software company that helps people extract insight from divergent sources of information. 

The company is on track to book sales of $1 billion in 2004 and forbes has called Palantir's software the "killer app" for its rumored role in helping the government locate Osama bin Laden.

We have no details to share from that operation, but we can say that neither human intelligence by itself nor computers alone will be able to make us safe.

America's two biggest spy agencies take opposite approach: The Central intelligence Agency is run by spies who prioritize computers.

CIA analytics have to wade through so much noise that it's very difficult to identify the most serious threats.

start of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has done exactly this for recruiters. When LinkedIn was founded in 2003, they didn't poll recruiters to find discrete pain point in need of relief. And they didn't try to write software that would replace recruiters outright.

Recruiting is part detective work and part sales: you have to scrutinize applicants' history, assess their motives an compatibility, and persuade the most promising ones to join you.

Effectively replacing all those function with a computer would be impossible.
Instead, LinkedIn set out to transfer how recruiters did their job. Today, more than 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn and its powerful search and filtering functionality to source job candidates, and the network also crate value for the hundreds of millions of professionals who use it to manage their personal brands. 

If LinkedIn had tried to simple replace recruiter with technology, they wouldn't have a business today.