story of harsh agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

  • I want to tell you something about harsh Agrawal. If you don't know about Harsh Agrawal, well Harsh Agrawal is a famous blogger in India. 
Founder of SHOUTMELOUD.COM, he is an engineer by education and profession by blogger.

In this post, I'll share something interesting about his life and you can learn something from him.

He says that become your own boss. 

Table of Harsh's story.

  • his journey.
  • how they become a professional blogger.
  • how many they earn in one month.
  • How many people work with them.
  • how they make money.

His journey.

he started blogging just out of fun in September of 2008 and started writing about things which I knew. He started my blogging journey on the BlogSpot platform.

 he was more passionate about the network and computer security, As I mentioned, he started blogging out of passion and interest. 

he had no idea what AdSense was or what SEO was when he started. he was a hobby blogger and with time he learned about AdSense and other advertising programs.

 Though before that he learned SEO by reading lots of blogs and experimenting every day.

 he still remembers his first $10, which he earned via helping some guy at Digital point forum with his WordPress error. 

That was my first online income; later on, he added AdSense and in the first month he made $40 which he consider as a good start. 

  • how they become a professional blogger.
He worked in the call center, and he researched for a part-time job when he knows about blogging is a platform, where you can make a lot of money and share your knowledge.

After that, he buys a domain name and hosting, then they started to write the post which he knew about that.

After 3 to 4 month he got his first payment by google adsense, then they left his job and start blogging as a full time.

Now he is one of the best bloggers in India. 

  • how much they earn in one month.
In started time he made 400 $/month. They continuously work on the blog, he never thought about money.

He wants to share his knowledge and become a professional blogger and get fame.

He makes money from many types of way, his main source income is affiliate marketing.

Now he earns 24,000$ to 30,000$/ month.
  • How many people work with them.

In starting time they were work alone, after 3 to 4 year he made a team for work on

In his team, 5 people work with them, he is an also youtube, he makes the video in English. 

  • how they make money.
he earns money in many ways.

  • Affiliate marketing.
Almost all people know about affiliate marketing who use the internet. he makes 20,000$/month
  • Adsense.
Adsense is a Google product where Google publisher apply for approval when your site approved by Google you can make money from ads which Google provides.

He does not make more money from Adsense, because he used too much affiliate link on his website.

  • sponsorship.
Shoutmeloud. com is a famous blog 1 Million visitors visit/ month. So many companies approach for advertisement his products.

  • Paid advertising.
  • Direct advertising with hosting companies.

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Sharing is minding

Do you want to live in Mumbai, for some purpose like becoming an actor, actress, for business, for study, for any reason? 

But you have not enough money for surviving, and if you are a bachelor.
I'll show you full details about cost, place, and rooms feature If you want to come to Mumbai you for struggling. You may come and leave in Mumbai.

Some popular questions about Mumbai.

How many costs of living in Mumbai.

It depends on you. If you come to Mumbai for struggling, then you have to manage.

If you want to leave at a minimum cost in Mumbai you have to pay 2500 Rupees/person.

Cost of food.

if you eat non-vegetarian you have to pay 50Rupees/one time. If you eat vegetarian and non-vegetarian you have to pay depends on you that what do you eat.

there are many hotels in Mumbai, but they charge a lot of money depends on the area.

living at minimum cost.

If you want to live with the minimum cost you can live at Nallasopara, Andheri, etc.

If you want to live in Mumbai you have to give documents copy as like AAdhar card, voter id card, and photo. There is no extra charge.

Nallasopara details.  

If you want to live in Nallasopara you can see detail and if you have any problem you can contact me.

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In this area, you can easily get a paying guest room with minimum cost.

You can see this area below image.

There are a lot of famous cities is nearby from here like Andheri, Bandra, etc.


If you want to give audition for working in movies, then you can go Andheri, because there are a lot of films production in this area. From Nallasopara to Andheri distance almost 20 kilometers, you can easily go by local train. 

Train cost is 10 Rupees you can easily pay.


Bandra is a high-cost city, there are a lot of actors and actress and businessmen leave there. If you want to go there you can easily go from Nallasopara.

Do you want to know about SEO, here is A to Z guide for Beginner? If you have a blog or website, then this is most important to know about Seo

If you want to rank your website in search engines, you have to do SEO, SEO is the main factor for ranking without SEO you can't rank your website or blog.

Type of SEO

There are three types of SEO.
1.white hat SEO.
2. Black hat SEO.
3. Gray hat SEO.

White hat SEO.

white hat SEO is following all rules of the search engines, and the following policy. If you want to do ranks your site on any search engines you have to do white hat SEO. With white hat SEO, you can rank your site till a long time.

You can easily rank your site from this process, and generate good revenue because your site is shown on the first page in search engines.

And 90% of people search click the first page. from white hat  SEO, drive more traffic by Google, and any search engine, because Search engine shows your site on the first pages.

Black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO doesn't follow search engine rules and policy. With black hat SEO, you can do rank your blog post or websites for some time, but not a long time.

you can not run this process for a long time. If you used to this process you site maybe spam, because any search engine wants to the best post and website for the show on the first page.

Gray hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO is following 50% white hat SEO and 50% black hat SEO.

21+essential tips for SEO

Why need to do SEO?

Seo need for your blog post ranking, seo need for your website ranking.

There are a lot of websites and blogs on the internet, so you have to beat them and rank your post on the first page.

For all the things you have to do  SEO.

How to do SEO?

If you want to do SEO for your website or blog follow this step.

post writing: wite post-1000 to 1500 words, and that post should be unique. 

interlinking: link your other post link your current post. Base on your current post.

Out link: link another site link your blog post which is high (D.R).

Directory submission. submit your site on the directory submission website. You can submit also the blog post link.

GENERATE do follow backlink for your blog post or websites

2.o web link. make 2.o link for ranking your post or website.

Images: use images in your blog post. If you have knowledge of infographics, then you can do infographics,  make graphics base on your blog post. 
Title: give eye catchy blog post title, 

Optimization: optimize your blog post and make the user-friendly post that anybody can easily understand.

DO-follow backlink: make do follow backlink for your blog post with high (D.R) websites.


NO-follow backlink: crawler doesn't give more importance to No-follow backlink but it is important because of the search engine might spam your site.

 So you have to make a balance of do-follow backlink and no-follow backlink.

 You are trouble for the rank your site on Google first page, but you don't know how to do it.
There are many ways to rank on Google first page.

Like: SOE, ON-page SEO, off page SEO, Quality content, Generate Do follow backlink etc. 

In this post, I'm talking about Off-page SEO, because of  60% importance of off-page SEO for your blog post ranking. Off-page SEO is not only making do-follow backlink and no-follow backlink.

From an SEO point of view, Off-page SEO plays an important role in your ranking in Google or other search engines. 

web submission.

If you want to rank your site on the first page, then you have to do web submission, because without web submission you can't rank in the first pages.

Web directory submission.

If you want to get more traffic, you can do web directory submission. 

In web directory submission you can submit your blog post link or web site for drive more traffic on your website or blog.

Web 2.0 links.

Web 2.0 links mean when you write a post and you want to rank in google then you have to make web 2.0 links. Basically, this is a type of do-follow backlink. 

Do-follow backlink.

The do-follow backlink is the backbone of your site because without do-follow backlink your site can't rank in any search engine.

Importance of do-follow backlink.

Do- follow backlink increase your D.A(Domain authority ) When increasing your domain authority then crawler definitely crawl your site.

By do-follow backlink increase traffic on your website or blog.

No-follow backlink.

No-follow backlink does not matter but without No-follow backlink, you can not rank your post.

Importance of No-follow backlink. 

In your blog or website, you need to balance of do-follow backlink and no-follow backlink, because of Google crawler when crawling your for the index, then they check your DR and backlink.

If they got only do-follow backlink then they never crawl your site, because they understand that this site is spam. 

Write a unique post.

If you want to rank your post as soon as, then you have to write a unique post and lengthy because Google wants to unique for showing on first pages.

If you do only copy and pest then your site may be banned by google. So write the original post and never copy and pest.

How to make backlink for your website or blog.

2. guest post.


If you want to make backlink for your blog post or website, then you have to go to another site base on your site and comment and impress the Author of that site.

Write Amazing about the author and compliment of the post. He definitely publishes your comment and that is a must powerful backlink.

 Guest post.

There are a lot of sites give permission for doing the guest post, If you want to make high-quality backlink, then absolutely you should do a guest post.

Big bloggers and website owners charge some money for guest posting.  If you want to increase your site as soon as then you have to do the paid guest post.

Because there is high D.R and P.R site you can rank your post quickly. and earn money from blogging.

Legitimate On-page and Off-page SEO advancement work will give a superior position to your site in SERP. 

The above sites are recorded dependent on the site's PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority) and PR (Page Rank). 

It would be ideal if you remark here in the event that you know whatever other characteristics that we can add to this rundown which we may have overlooked. 

Note: Google Page Rank (PR) is never again a substantial quality factor for any page, thus you can disregard that segment or more referenced PA, DA may differ a tad with the present information. 

We will concoct more rundown just as off page SEO methods, patterns, and procedures with more bits of knowledge.

Hello, you are here If you have any questions, please contact me at this topic, which has been a subject of great importance on the topic of Google AdSense,  I am sharing what has been approved by me.

What is Adsense?

Well, Adsense is Google's product, and Google has many publishers, so Google uses it, for pay payment of publisher.

How to make money with google adsense?

Anyone can make money with Adsense. If you want to make money with Adsense, then you have to start a youtube channel, blogging etc. 

Many people make a billion Dollars from Adsense. Google provides free platforms to start your work from home, and when you are eligible for Adsense, then Google gives you approval of the Adsense account.

This is very simple to make money from Google Adsense, Google shows ads on your youtube channel and blog. For these activities google pay of you.

NOTE: Google pays every month 11 billion dollars of the publisher. Publisher means bloggers, YouTubers and app developers.

how to get the approval of Adsense?

 To get approval from you, let's talk about it and if you have any questions, please contact us for more information about Google Adsense.

If you have any questions about Google Adsense related to Google's Adsense. 

You can use it as a Google Adsense Account too. What are the requirements for what is it? India, Pakistan or other countries, I have a lot to say about how you are doing everything you can to help with this.
Note: Google Adsense account has been approved by Google.

India has given you the ability to translate a lot into category means Strang, but it does not make much sense for you.

If you want to have a Google Adsense account that can be used or if you want to use it, you can do it or you can do it. 

If you do not want to google, you do not have to go through any of the searches that are required to use, but you still have to use it to share it, or if you are able to use it, you may still be able to access Google Adsense.

Basically, I started Blogspot on 2010 when I applied to blog or applied for a post after 12 days but I do not think there is any way to share it with you, but I have no idea where I was going. 

I have a lot of work to do with the top of the line, I'm going to give you a lot of money.

To get a Google Adsense account, you need to enter a top level domain name.
You should buy .com, .net, .org, .in etc. This is a top-level domain name.

If you are interested in Google Adsense's policy, you may contact us for more information about the Google Adsense policy.

If you have an article on your blog, please read the article as you would like to customize your blog or to customize your design to customize the search preferences.

 Or navigation bar is a simple way to visit or a visitor's website. Whether you are a great blogger or you are going to open a blog, you can open your blog as soon as, then you will be able to access Google's own engineer for your own account. 

You have to check that the website has any links or links to the content of your website or any other content you are viewing, but no image is copied or you have not been able to delete anything from the address of the email.

How to perfect post for your blog or website.

 If you have not approved an AdSense account approval or if you do not want to be present, you will still have to go through the email or you have a website that is regularly registered with 6 months of your website for India.

 I have 6 months in 50-70 articles submitted on blogger to 400 - 500 words that do not make much of the word 400-500 but I can not refuse to do so that you have to cancel 1000 You don't want to be able to submit a copyright to your blog or to the website that makes sure use original content for your blog or website.

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy policy, please visit the Privacy Policy page.

 After that  About Me or Contact Me Page Add to your friend, I will send you approval.

If you want to visit a visitor to your new friend or you have a great hug or some other language, you should also visit Google's Trafficker website as well as your website.

 You have a right to privacy or Google Adsense, you can use any of the services you have requested, but you have been asked to do so. 

If you are not able to access the SEO or you can contact us on a site or blog, please visit 100-150 visitors to google or you are interested in a blog or website.

If you are not able to do this, you can apply for a Google Adsense account to your blog or website, and you have 2 months to complete the Google Adsense Account, which can be used by Youtube.

how to make money from blogging.

If you have any questions about this, then you can contact me and ask about it.

Why we need to do email marketing?

Well, email marketing is a platform to reach a huge audience, Think about it. That without email android phone or iPhone can't run, So everybody has an email ID. This is a big market place in email marketing.
And anyone can do email marketing. This is very simple, There is a lot of tool for email marketing, but I highly recommended to Aweber. This is paid but it provides advanced facilities for email marketing.

If you want to do that how to do email marketing then I'll tell you to step-by-step

25 step to do email marketing

1.Email domain.
2.SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol)
3.Marketing automation.
4.Spam cop 
5.Email Phishing.
6.Email campaign.
7.Email Appending
8.Email analytics. per Delivered
10.Conversion rate.
14. Read or open a length.
15.Single opt-in.
16. Spam or UCE(unsolicited commercial Email).
19. OPT-in(subscriber).
20.Levels of Authentication.
21. Landing page.
22.HTML Email.
23. Email sponsorships.
24.Bounce rate.

1.Email domain.

The domain name, website or URL that an email is sent from. Typically, this is your company's primary domain name.

2.SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol)

The language or "protocol" servers use to talk to each other as they send emails around the world.

3.Marketing automation.

The marketing strategy of defining communications to different customer segments, then setting those messages to go out automatically.
 Autoresponders are an example of Marketing Automation.

4.Spam cop

A paid spam service that plants their own email and monitors who harvest the address and spams it. 
5.Email Phishing.

A fraudulent email sent from a spammer that says something has gone wrong with a critical account and asks the recipient to give their bank account login information via a link in the email. 

The spammer then collects the information the unknowing email recipient has given them.

6.Email campaign.

Each time you send a promotional message to your subscriber, you're sending a campaign.

The term applies to the list select you're sending to, the creative, and the result of each email deployment.

7. Email Appending.

sometimes called a "data overlay" A list-enhancement technique where email names are appended unto a customer data, usually by a database company that has those customers' email addresses.

8.Email analytics.

All the technologies and metrics used to measure email programs. per Delivered.

A percentage measure of the number of clicks divided by the number of emails delivered to the intended inbox.

10.Conversion rate.
The percentage (the number of unique clicks divided by the number that were opened)of the recipient that click on a given URL in your email.

A very short looping movie that can be embeded into emails and on websites.

A list of email senders of bad repute Being on a blacklist means a sender's email messages may not get to the inbox at all.


3 Ways to Do Email Marketing.


Adding element to your email that are personalized based on information you already know about them.
It  could refer to addressing the recipient by name, referecing past purchases, or other content unique to each recipient.
14. Read or open length.

A measure of the lenght of time a person opens the email until they close it.

15.Single opt-in.

A single opt-in list is created when users sign up for email communications, but don't confirm the action.

This means they can ne signed up for a list by someone else, and as such is not a recommended way to build a healthy email marketing.

16. Spam or UCE(unsolicited commercial Email).

Email sent to someone who has not opted-in or given permission to email to the sender. Over 90% of email sent is classified as spam.


When a subscribers chooses not to receive email communication from the sender anymore, and request removal from your email list. 

It is legally required that you provide a clear way to opt out in every email you send.

19. OPT-in(subscriber).
To opt-in or subscriber to an email list is to choose to receive email communications by supplying your email address to a particular company, website or individual thereby giving them permission to email you.

The subscriber can often indicate areas of personal interest (e.g mountain biking) and/or indicate what types of emails they wish to receive from the sender (e.g newsletters).

20.Levels of Authentication.

A way of establishing a sender's identity, and ensure the sender is allowed to send from a given domain.

21. Landing page.

A lead-capture page on your website that is linked to from an email to provide additional  information directly related to products or services promoted in the email's call-to-action.

22.HTML EMail.

Sending HTML email makes it possible to get creative with the design of your emails.
23. Email sponsorships.

Buying ad space in an email newsletter or sponsoring a specific article or series of articles. 

Advertisers pay to have their ad inserted into the body of the email.
24.Bounce rate.

The rate at which your emails are not delivered. There are two types of bounces, hard and soft, both of which are defined later in this glossary. An acceptable bounce rate is less than 5%.

The percentage of email messages that are accepted by the mail server. Just because an email is accepted by the email server does not mean it will get to an inbox.